Holiday Greetings from Your Friends at Bonding Pros!

We’d like to thank our agent colleagues for the mutual success we have enjoyed in 2014!

Looking to the new year, we are pleased to announce that a number of new surety markets have been added which further enhances our ability to help you serve your clients and turn “bonding problems” into commission income.

Don’t hesitate to call and talk to the Pros when those tough bond situations pop up.  We’ve seen them all before.  Bid bonds, performance, site, subdivision, commercial surety, probate, you name it.

All we do is bonds, no insurance.  We are your agency bond department, as close as your phone.

Cordially, Steve Golia

One comment

  1. Steve:

    Happy holidays to you, as well. Hope your new venture is going well.


    Anthony J. Pung, President

    Construction Underwriters, LLC 7164 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 100

    Columbia MD 21046

    410-910-8335 – direct dial

    443-928-4692 – cell

    410-381-2105 – fax

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